A Cavity on a Front Tooth Might Need to Be Repaired by a Composite Filling

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The teeth in the front of your mouth, typically have shallow amounts of tooth enamel. When a cavity forms on one of them, it’s important to seek professional dental care as soon as possible. With timely attention, Dr. Richard Healy might be able to repair a small cavity on a front tooth with a composite filling.

This is a special dental-grade plastic can be color matched to blend seamlessly with the surround tooth enamel. Dr. Richard Healy will start by numbing the area with Novocain. Then he will use a drill to remove any compromised enamel. This will prepare the area to create a strong bond with the composite material.

Once it has been shaded, applied, and shaped to seamlessly match the surrounding surface of the tooth, Dr. Richard Healy will cure the composite filling with a special ultraviolet light. This will create a long-lasting bond with the tooth enamel, allowing the filling to repair the tooth for many years to come.

If you have a cavity on one of your front teeth, and you live in the Santa Maria, California area, you should call 805-928-3928 to see timely treatment and repair at Dr. Richard Healy’s dental office.