Cleaning Mouth Guards 101

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Do you play sports and use a mouth guard? Does your mouth guard get thrown into your gym bag after your game? Doing so could allow bacteria, fungi or yeast to form on your guard. Properly caring for this piece of safety equipment is not difficult, and we would like to help you learn how today.

Although many athletes may do it, rinsing your mouth guard is not enough to adequately clean it. Even though it may appear clean, germs and bacteria are not visible to the naked eye. We recommend that you brush your mouth guard regularly with toothpaste and then give it a rinse in soapy water. We also recommend that you brush your teeth before and after wearing it.

The mouth guard should be stored in its protective case and it should have ventilation until it has dried to help prevent bacteria growth. The case should also be cleaned regularly. If your guard becomes cracked or develops pits it could be a perfect place for bacteria to grow. You may want to consider replacing it.

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