If Tooth Decay Has Taken a Part of Your Smile, Take It Back With a Partial Denture

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Untreated tooth decay can affect many teeth at once, especially if the decay reaches the tooth roots, and could result in the simultaneous loss of multiple teeth in one section of your smile. Severe tooth loss is even more likely if you develop an abscess that results in the need for teeth extraction. However, we can restore a large area of tooth loss by providing you with a custom-made partial denture.

Dr. Richard Healy will gladly review your tooth restoration options. You could receive a dental bridge, though this is not often ideal for major tooth loss, and many patients find dental implants to be unappealing due to the need for oral surgery. Instead, your best option may be a removable partial denture.

We can ensure your new appliance is customized by creating a detailed impression the area of tooth loss and submitting it the dental lab to custom craft the denture. Then, we can make any adjustments if needed and ensure you have the information you need on proper cleaning and maintenance. Another useful tool is denture adhesive, which can secure the partial denture to your gums to block out food particles.

We invite you to contact Richard Healy DDS at 805-928-3928 today if you are interested in speaking with our dentist about receiving a custom partial denture in Santa Maria, California.