The Inner Workings of the Tooth

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There is a great deal more to your tooth than you can observe with your eyes. When you converse with Dr. Richard Healy about any oral health concerns, it can be helpful to understand the fundamentals of the tooth’s inner workings. Your tooth’ is composed of three layers:

Enamel: The outmost layer of the tooth. It is white and made of carbonated crystals, the hardest substance in or on your body. This substance is attacked often by bad bacteria and acid. You can help build up and protect it from erosion by brushing and flossing daily, exposing your teeth to regular doses of fluoride, and avoiding acidic and sugary foods and beverages.                          

Dentin: The yellow, powdery layer under the enamel. If your teeth appear to be yellow, this may mean that some of your enamel has eroded to show the dentin underneath.

Pulp: The life force inside the tooth which includes the nerve tissue, blood vessels and other soft tissue. This is a frail but important area that must be protected. If your pulp is contaminated, you will probably need root canal therapy.

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