Tooth Replacement Service Suggestion: Dental Bridges

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One of our most widely used tooth replacement services at Richard Healy DDS is for our porcelain fixed dental bridges. Dental bridges can fill the void left behind from missing teeth. Not only can it restore your smile, but it also makes your mouth healthier too. When missing teeth go unattended, the gap can become a hideaway for harmful bacteria and food particles. If you have missing teeth and are considering your options, here are some benefits to our porcelain fixed dental bridges you should consider:

– When compared to missing teeth, especially those in the front of the mouth, dental bridges can improve your smile’s beauty.

– Dental bridges can help repair your facial structure and distribute bite pressure evenly amongst your teeth.

– Missing teeth can cause bad bites. Dental bridges can return your mouth’s abilities back to proper alignment for ideal chewing habits.

– Healthy, natural teeth can move and slide if the gaps left from missing teeth are not filled in.

– When compared to your ability with missing teeth, your capacity to eat food is vastly improved with dental bridges.

– Your speaking skills are improved with dental bridges. Your upper front teeth are often considered the most important for communication, and dental bridges do a great job in replicating the ability if those teeth should ever be lost.

If you would like an oral examination to learn more about our various tooth replacement options, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Healy, by calling us at 805-928-3928 and speaking with a member of our team. Our office is in Santa Maria, California. We want to make your smile whole, so it can light up your world for many years to come!