Treating and Preventing Cavity Development

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Do you experience a sharp or throbbing pain in a tooth whenever you take a bite of food, especially if it is hot, cold or sweet? The mouth is vulnerable to many causes of tooth pain, but the most likely reason is the development of a cavity. We encourage you to learn more about the treatment and prevention of cavities to protect your oral health.

We encourage you to never ignore the presence of tooth decay or else you could be at risk of suffering further dental issues. Cavities that aren’t treated will continue to eat at your tooth enamel until the tooth needs to be removed. At the first sign of a cavity, contact Richard Healy DDS for an appointment with our dentist. A mild development of a cavity that has only affected one or two teeth may be able to receive conservative dental treatment such as a simple dental filling to restore the quality of your teeth. If the cavity has spread and become severe to the point that is affects the inner tooth chamber, you may need to receive root canal therapy to preserve the tooth from dental extraction.

You can also prevent tooth decay from occurring in the first place by improving your oral hygiene routine with habits such as brushing and flossing on a daily basis and scheduling routine dental checkups every six months. If you have weak tooth enamel, you may find that professional fluoride treatment can strengthen your teeth against decay.

Dr. Richard Healy and our team would be happy to help you develop a strategy to prevent cavities in Santa Maria, California. Please feel free to contact Richard Healy DDS at 805-928-3928 today to make an appointment at our office.