Why Deal with Veneers?

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If your teeth aren’t quite perfect – meaning they have some chips, cracks, or discoloration – then you’ve likely spent some time looking at different methods of improving your smile.

A popular method is using dental veneers to make your smile look like it used to, and our team here at Richard Healy DDS in Santa Maria, California, has all the experience and expertise to help you achieve that smile. Let’s look at what’s involved in dental veneers.

What are they?

Veneers are simple – they’re just increibly thin shells of porcelain, custom cut and designed to fit perfectly on the outside surface of your teeth. The fact that they’re custom-built helps make them look natural, and they serve as a great way to cover up small cracks or chips within a tooth. Additionally, they’re a great option for whitening teeth which are saddled with stubborn stains.

Why veneers?

It’s common to ask why you would bother with veneers. They’re most often used when tooth damage is minimal. If you have a crack or chip that’s more extensive, then it’s likely Dr. Richard Healy will recommend a different procedure, such as dental bonding or crowns. Veneers are incredible at fixing smiles that are faded and discolored, since you’re essentially giving your teeth an entire new surface with each veneers that’s put in place.

If you’re ready to fix your smile and think that veneers could be a fit for you, call us today at 805-928-3928 to schedule an appointment.